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Handy tips for your wedding day

It's always handy to have tips for your wedding day and through experience these are a few things I can recommend.

Always allocate another person to deal with questions or take messages and phone calls. Preferably a bridesmaid rather than a mother of the bride as they are usually busy doing other things.

Fresh Flowers

If you are having fresh flowers in your hair then make sure you order a few extra ones to keep in the fridge to replace later in the evening.

Button down top!

Make sure you all wear a button down top or one that can be easily taken off. Don't want to spoil your beautiful hair!

Tags and Scissors!

Don't forget scissors for all those tags that have yet to be removed. There is always a tag!

Rescue Remedy


Helps with the nerves. Can't recommend it hightly enough.

You must eat! Otherwise that delicious champagne will go straight to your head!


Try to be uninterrupted for a few minutes to take stock, take everything in.

Enjoy your wonderful day

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